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Yoho ...

I have no plan to silvester what I make ... So I ask you here a few times suggestions to write, since I have noticed that many of you still have no ahnung what that is concerned.
27.12.07 20:26

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dierya (29.12.07 19:18)
now I also have none ahnung what I in silvester should do, maybe one finds together what, indeed, I probably have nobody geld, because I do not go of it from this mine geld for next monat in 31 already on mine konto this is even if it should be.

Ragster (30.12.07 03:48)
Hears is not for google translator, knows month and he also translated

dierya (30.12.07 15:46)
sorry aber ich raffs net

blubsch (1.1.08 20:09)
Übersetzer this is shit ... And the mold of rya I have no little gepeilt ... Sinn somehow has not made o0

Well, silvester is over now .. How did you celebrate?

dierya (1.1.08 21:04)
The rya was too stupid to clasp übersetzer what they should use, the reason nobody gerafft, I am halt often verpeilt but verpeiler are geiler

blubsch (10.1.08 20:40)
Jaaah because the header of blogs is not clear enough ... O0

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